Glitter Glitz Bullet Set Gold/Pink

  • $62.99

Three?s the magic number with this discreet set made up of sparkly glittery and gold numbers; all supplied with batteries included. Each model features seven settings for varied use. Made from platinum body-safe silicone metallic plated ABS.Water-based and non-staining properties.Designed to have a silk-like texture. Ingredients: Purified water propanediol natural carrageenan.RO-MONA - pink sparkly design: 105mm (L) x 20mm (W).RO-LUX - purple glittery design: 115mm (L) x 21mm (W).RO-80MM - gold glittery design: Dimensions: 80mm (L) x 16mm (W). @sc-2019-13 @sc-2019-32 @summer-2019-13 @summer-2019-33 @vday2020-34

Extended:: This item has been discontinued by the supplier